September 18 - October 20, 2010  O'Connor Art Gallery, Dominican University

For this exhibition, which renegotiates the traditional group show model, a carefully curated group of curators each selected two works to be shown in proximity to each other.  Each curator chose his/her pair of works intuitively, based on the potential for a productive dialogue by way of an unusual or particularly strong aesthetic or conceptual relationship.  Taken as a whole, this exhibition of ‘twos’ is an experiment in the possibility for a collection of disparately selected parts to create an in-cohesive, yet meaningful whole.

The following curators each selected a pair of art works, for this exhibition of 'twos.'

Mary Jane Jacob, executive director of exhibitions, School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Laura Marney and Seamus McGuinness

Lynn Warren, curator, Museum of Contemporary Art: Paula Henderson and Paul LaMantia

Shannon Stratton, director, threewalls: Samantha Bittman and Michael Milano

Karsten Lund, independent curator: Mary Lou Zalazny and John Stezaker

Dan Devening, Devening Projects + Editions: Andreas Schon and Thomas Roach

Michael Graham, Balloon Contemporary: Eve Sussman and Atelier Van Lieshout

Barbara Weisen, director, Gahlberg Gallery: Rebecca Morris and Marcel Breuer

Highlights include: