The Middle

Chicago Artists' Coalition

April 13-May 4, 2012

Two solo exhibitions (that meet in the middle) featuring HATCH Project artists
Amanda Greive & Erik Peterson

Curated by Jessica Cochran

Middle class.  Middle child.  Middle management.  We want to know, can the middle be exciting? Extraordinary? Fantastically inefficient?  Our exhibition, THE MIDDLE, is an irreverent take on the two-person show: over the course of three weeks, one solo exhibition will move into another solo exhibition.  Beginning with one artist, and ending with another, we are most interested in the dialogue that happens when the exhibition space gradually turns over from artist to artist.  
A durational exhibition is a particularly engaging model for showing the work of Amanda Greive, a realist painter of allegorical still lives and interiors, and Erik Peterson, who creates situation-specific installations which often implicate the audience in unexpected ways.  While each artist has different studio outcomes, both share an acute awareness of the ways in which the viewer forms knowledge through the perception of images and objects. In other words, mining the everyday, Greive and Peterson deliberately re-order the visual world, placing reality into new aesthetic dimensions.
As the exhibition shifts, viewers will have opportunities to consider a common subtext that each artist explores from seemingly opposite ends: food. Greive depicts food in a highly metaphorical and subjective manner by way of symbolic still life paintings. Peterson, on the other hand, explores the production and consumption of food within a site-specific framework that acknowledges the gallery's location in the Fulton Market meatpacking district.


Opening Reception featuring Amanda Greive: April 13, 6-9pm

The Middle Dinner (left), organized by artists Alberto Aguilar and Rafael E. Vera: April 22, 5pm
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Opening Reception featuring Erik Peterson: April 27, 6-9pm

Worley, Sam. Artists Amanda Greive and Erik Peterson meet in 'The Middle.' The Reader, April 19, 2012.

Ice Cream Palate (illustration by Erik Peterson)

Piehole (Speak No Evil) Amanda Grieve