Untitled (Field Work)

Untitled (Field Work)

January 28 -- February 28, 2009

Amanda Repo Tawio Thomson, The Franks, Conrad Bakker, Jason Lazarus, Carrie Schneider, Carey Lin, Andrew Coppersmith and Nicholas Frank

Foumberg, Jason. "Indoor Voices," Newcity, February 2, 2009

About the Exhibition
Dominican University’s O’Connor Art Gallery is pleased to announce Untitled (Field Work), a group show featuring work that elicits unusual insights into the physical, emotional, political and social being of the artist.

While some will always argue that artists are born rather than made, the decision to pursue a professional life as a practicing artist is, at the very least, a complex emotional and intellectual commitment to work within a highly specialized and semi-autonomous field.  Since Courbet, artists have, through their work, challenged and meditated upon the very structures, agents and conditions that legitimize their practices. However, today more than ever contemporary artists are aware of the theorizations that explain their perceived role in not only the art world, but also within global capitalism, local economies and the field of cultural production.

This exhibition consists of works that reveal an awareness of the artist’s position and the structures that make up these different contexts.  Untitled (Field Work) is organized in a way that is meant to prompt thought and dialogue about the complex, dialogic and emancipatory ways that artists inhabit our world and occupy the field of production. While some works simply meditate on material and existential aspects of a committed practice, others take a more critical, ironic or humorous approach to the art world itself.  Together the works provide a constellation of attempts, reflections, positions and actions.